Best solution for apps & conflicting ports?

Good morning everyone

I have an issue with Docker apps and conflicting ports that i can’t for the life of me work out the solution even after some googling and forum posts on various websites. So i have just started using CasaOS on a Debian VM and getting to grips properly with dockers and seriously impressed at how easy it is to add apps and even custom apps. The problem is some of the apps i intend to want to use are using the same port number.

IE both Musicbrainz & Handbrake both use the same port 5000, when installing each app from either the app store or just copying in the Docker compose in custom install. Both apps install fine but only 1 is accessible due to the port conflict.

I have when installing via the app store and chosen custom install or Docker compose changed the port number to something different on a few apps but they usually continue installing fine but when it comes to reaching the gui in web browser gives me the unable to connect page and will only connect if what ever app i have installed i leave the default port number. There has been a few that are ok with me changing the port number but a number of them IE.


All outright refuse to connect or give errors when i change the port number when installing or after install.

Am i totally missing something because it would be great if i could change the port number easily on conflicting apps?


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