Bonding | Link Aggregation info

Being that the Zimaboard is built with two copper GigE interfaces I’m sure there are some known good casaos configs for bonding aka link aggregation. If anyone has configs or can type up a how to article i would be all ears. I can help test as well if needed.

I will learn it. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Which bond mode would you like?

If we use an “ether-channel” AKA “port channel” AKA LACP we’ll up the bandwidth to 2Gig AND we also may be able to stay away from the IP configuration entirely. I would prefer this LACP configuration. Standards would be [ IEEE 802.3ad, which is an open standard version of EtherChannel]

If we want to uplink zimaboard to a pair of switches then we probably should use a hot/standby bonding setup. Having the standby port only send an “arp” once an issue is seen with the other/first link. I’m not sure on the standard for this config.

What are your thought? Let me know.
Let me know the route you’re taking and I’ll do some testing on my side as well.


Another vote for LACP configuration. Is it possible? Maybe with future releases of ZimaOS?