Bricked after Recent Software Update?

I noticed after the most recent update to 1.2.1 my ZimaCube would turn off overnight. In the morning I would have to turn it back on and it would run throughout the day. This morning it is now no longer connecting to the network, even after a restart. I cannot connect to it at all to diagnose. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to reflash the OS?

I’ve moved to TrueNAS scale so I have not experienced this issue. When I was toying around in the first couple of week of having it though I did wipe out, try different OS as well as reload Zimaos several times.

To reload the OS from scratch you will need a USB stick you are willing to have wiped out.

Go this github repo:

I used this link to download the image

I then fired up rufus which I downloaded from here: Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way and used rufus to flash the .img file to USB.

insert the usb stick into one of the ports on the zimacube and reboot.

How to Install ZimaOS V1.2.1 on ZimaCube Hope this can help you!

@drciesla May I invite you to assist us in our testing? We are not aware of the same situation internally at this time and we need more information to determine the problem.