CasaOS vs ZimaOS

Should I be concerned that CasaOS is going to be abandoned in favor of ZimaOS?

Please no worry, as Lauren said " CasaOS is our beacon" !.We want to reassure our CasaOS community that this new venture ( ZimaOS) will not diminish our commitment to CasaOS itself. CasaOS remains a cornerstone of our mission, and we will continue to invest in its development. CasaOS is, and always will be, a community-driven software, and your contributions and support are what make it exceptional.

Thank you very much, may. This is the best news I’ve recently heard. Z.

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Thanks for the update about CasaOs.
Just an info….any news about the price of ZimaOs? It will be available with monthly payment (I hope not!!) ?

I don’t believe there is any plan for ZimaOS to be a paid system. Things MAY change in the future but it’s not on the roadmap. CasaOS will be more oriented towards open tinkering and ZimaOS will be more tailored for stability and robustness.

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I hope too it’s a free OS… but it will be nice receive an official answer!

I am the Product Manager ET, ZimaOS and CasaOS.
Regarding getting ZimaOS for free, let me jump right in and explain our current plans:
You can join the internal testing group on Discord, actively participate in testing and provide constructive feedback to get the right to use ZimaOS for free. This is very helpful for us to improve our products.
Our goal is to provide free ZimaOS to all ZimaCube buyers for the foreseeable future. There are currently no plans to launch subscription paid services for ordinary users.
If you plan to use ZimaOS, it is strongly recommended to join the internal beta group to experience ZimaOS in advance and communicate about the product design process.
Thank you for your attention! Feel free to ask questions or suggestions, which will directly help us design better products. Internal beta group: IceWhale

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Thank u so much for explaining your plain!
I’m just waiting my Zimaboard ordered Friday!
Maybe for my skill at the moment it’s a bit complicated install ZimaOs… but I want to try!

Hi, ET, I am trying to join the beta testing group. I am receiving a message that the address is invalid. Could you please help? Thank you, Z.

Hi Zarina!
Same issue for me from Safari but link work on Brave!
But I dont see on Discord the thread about ZimaOS (only for CasaOS)!

Hi! Do u think in the future will be possible update from CasaOs to ZimaOS without lost data or will be mandatory a brand new installation?

There is currently no such arrangement. We may find a way one month before ZimaCube is officially shipped. @Optical

Please tell me your Discord name, or @ET in ZimaCube-general, and I will invite you to the test group. @Optical @Zarina

Mine is opticalloop !

Hi, my name on Discord is zarina_queen Thank you! Z

hello,can you firstly join in our discord community, IceWhale so that i can invite to join in this test partners group .

Hi, May. I just have sent you a friend request. It is from zarina_queen.

sorry, I did not received your friend request. I also did not find your name in our community server. can you check again have you jump into our server?

Hi, May. I am on the server. Could you please add me to the beta-testers group? Z.

No problem! Glad to have you in the group. Could you drop your name in Discord?