Detailed Plex Operation Guide

  1. Add a volume in the settings

This step is to modify the specified media library path.

1.1 Open the settings interface

1.2 Return to previous directory

  • Click the arrow to return to the previous directory.

1.3 Select media folder

  • Locate and select the ‘media’ folder in the directory.

1.4 Select the disk where the video is located

  • Select the disk where you store the video, here we take ‘Main-Storage’ as an example.

Now, the setting is complete.

2.Take the RAID named “Main-Storage” as an example, and add the movies in the Movie folder under the RAID to Plex

3.Set up Server in Plex

3.1 Select library type

  • Open the Plex interface, click Add library, and select the type you want to add, such as “Movies”.

3.2 Select the video path

  • Select the path to store the video, the ‘Movie’ folder under the ‘Media’ path

3.3 Confirm and add the library

  • Finally, click Add Library

After completing the above steps, you can see your movie resources in Plex.

If it is not displayed, you can click “Scan Library Files”