Disassembly Guide

Zimaboard disassembly suggestions:

  1. Be extra careful when disassembling to avoid damaging internal components. It is best to disassemble in an anti-static environment.

  2. Remember the position and connection of each component and mark them after removing to facilitate reassembly.

  3. Be gentle when cleaning the interior to avoid damaging circuits.

  4. When reassembling, carefully check that each connection is firmly in place to avoid poor contact.

  5. When replacing a new battery, be sure to select a compatible model. Do not use a battery with specifications that differ too much from the original.

  6. After assembly is complete, fully test all functions and use normally after ensuring no issues.

Tool preparation:

  1. Screwdriver tool x 1

  2. Zimaboard x 1

Remove the four screws from the back panel:

Disassembly demo:

Using the bareboard alone:

Removing the Zimaboard case and using the bare board, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Anti-static. The bare board is directly exposed and care should be taken to avoid static damage to circuits. Anti-static wrist straps can be used.

  2. Short circuit risk. With the case removed, the board is exposed and care should be taken to avoid short circuits when inserting connector wires.

  3. Poor heat dissipation. The case provides some heat dissipation which may be reduced when removed. Monitor for potential overheating of chips. External mini fans can help if needed.

  4. Unreliable wire connections. With the case removed, wires and connectors can more easily become loose. Check that wire connections remain tight.

  5. Dust accumulation. Exposed boards can more easily accumulate dust. Regularly blow away dust to avoid impaired heat dissipation and short circuits.

  6. Protection issues. Bare boards are susceptible to physical damage from impacts, drops, etc. Protective enclosures should be added.

  7. Water damage. Bare boards are more easily shorted by water. Avoid contact with any liquids.

In summary, when using a bare Zimaboard, pay attention to anti-static, heat dissipation, reliable connections, etc. Protective measures should be taken to safely use it.

Team Statement: Problems caused by improper self-disassembly are not covered under warranty