Free port 53 on ZIMAOS permanently?

Hi guys? any solutions ?

Port 53 is occupied by dnsmasq, which is occupied by ZVM

okay? but how should i use Pi-hole or AdGuard? any tips ? thank you.

Thank you for your feedback on the issue of port 53 being occupied on ZimaOS. Our technical team has learned about the issue and is actively investigating it. We will provide you with a suitable solution as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The ZimaOS team is adjusting the default port of the VM to provide a better compatibility experience for pihole-like applications.

After the plan is determined and the release version is determined, we will also synchronize the release time here.

Appreciate your feedback!

generally it is good to use macvlan networks for adgaurd and pihole to solve this issue - plus that allows your adguard/pihole to do DHCP if thats what you. I use macvlans / but don’t use it for DHCP. Hwever there is no easy way to do that through the GUI currently - you would need to use the docker network command or you could use portainer to manage the containers.

Hmm though i guess if you have the right compose syntax you could do it that way… let me noodle on that… for now i recommend you install the portainer app and see if it lets you better control docker on zimaos