HDD array hangs in "Files" app

Greetings all,

Have been migrating data over to my new Cube.
First few days, zero issues.

This morning. Go to watch some Plex. Hangs then fails.
Ok ill just watch with VLC.
Go to open the same file over a SAMBA share. Hangs.

Open up the dashboard. No errors.
Open files. The moment I click onto a top level folder on the HDD array. Hangs.

I have 6x12TB HDDs non are showing errors in the ZimaCube dashboard. Is there a better way to see array health?


I need a couple of diagrams or 1 video that

  1. we need you to go to Settings → General and look at the version number
  2. We need you to go to Settings->Storage to look at the information
  3. i need you to open the plex app and click on the three dots in the top right corner and look at the settings.
    Please provide the above information so that we can assist in resolving the issue.


I will verify the question and get back to you with the results later.

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I’m sorry I couldn’t get your situation after many attempts, can you have tried rebooting the device, or starting the plex?

Yes I have rebooted manually a few times.
Have found that it has either shut itself down or had to reconnect via the desktop app. Or even force a reboot.

Pressing and holding the power button. As the desktop launcher wouldn’t connect.

Restarting Plex. Issue remains.
Stopping Plex app to access files over SAMBA share or “files” app. Issue remains.

If I hadn’t spent so much time pulling media out of a very slow connection. I wouldn’t be as pissed.

I just want more than the pre-school GUI to tell what the problem is.
Why aren’t your dev / eng team on the forums? This third hand support is not confidence inspiring.

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I am a developer, so I can help you solve the problem. If it is convenient, please send me a private message and provide the remote connection ID, ssh password, zimaos account and password. We will not operate on your data and we will help you solve your problem.

Hi Solomance,

I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you’re experiencing. I’m the lead of the dev team, and we’re actively monitoring community forums to assist users directly.

Thank you for providing more details. I have a few more questions and suggestions to help diagnose the issue:

  1. Confirm “Hangs” Behavior: When you mention that the system “hangs,” can you clarify what exactly happens? Is the video stuck in a long buffering state, or is Plex becoming Application Not Responding? If possible, could you please provide a screenshot or video of what you’re experiencing? This would help us better understand the issue. If it’s convenient for you, we can also arrange for remote support, which might be quicker compared to recording a video.
  2. Test File Transfer Speeds: Please try transferring a large file to and from your RAID array using the Files app. This will help determine if the read/write speeds are normal and if the issue is specific to certain applications like Plex or SAMBA.
  3. Stop SAMBA Sharing: Temporarily stop the SAMBA sharing to minimize external factors that could be affecting performance.
  4. Test After a Long Idle Period: After restarting the Cube and letting it sit idle for a while, and then try to perform the operations. This can help ensure that any RAID parity checks or background processes are completed, which can otherwise impact performance.
  5. Check Other Files: Try accessing different files and folders to see if the issue is isolated to specific data or if it affects all files on the RAID array.

Additionally, we haven’t encountered or been reported similar issues before, so your feedback is crucial for us to understand and resolve this problem.

Please let us know the results of these tests and provide any additional information or visuals if possible. This will help us pinpoint the problem more accurately and provide a more targeted solution.

DMs sent