Help to manually install CasaOS on OpenWRT

Hy guys,

Can anyone could help me to manually install CasaOS on OpenWRT ?

I could not find any step by step guide to do it.

Any help would be appreciated


I’m not sure what hardware product you are using? If you are installing openwrt on zimaboard, we will be happy to help you. :grinning:

Actually the hardware is a Zimaboard.
The tutorial you mention helps install OpenWRT on Zimaboard, but how I can install CasaOS on top of that?

I’m not sure you can.
OpenWRT is a bespoke os / firmware built from the ground up. This means it’s unlikely to have the dependencies to install CasaOS ontop. I mean you could try it but it would be at your own risk using the standard casaos installation script on the casaos website: