How to use Cloudflare Tunnel in CasaOS?

CasaOS made it easy for users to install and run Cloudflare Tunnel.

The CasaOS Appstore includes an application named Cloudflared that lets you run Cloudflare Tunnel in few yet easy steps.

Step 1

Install the Cloudflared app from the CasaOS Appstore.

Step 2

Create a Tunnel by going to your Cloudflare ZeroTrust dashboard and navigating to the Tunnels section.

Step 3

After creating a Tunnel, copy the tunnel connector token which you can find by scrolling down to the bottom of your Tunnel’s overview tab.

Step 4

Open the Cloudflared Web UI by clicking the Cloudflared app icon in CasaOS.

Step 5

Paste the tunnel connector token you copied earlier and click Save. The text will change into Start once it has been successfully saved.

Step 6

After saving, start the Cloudflare Tunnel by clicking the Start button. The text will change into Stop once it is started.

Final Step

Verify if the tunnel has started successfully by going to the Tunnels list page. If the tunnel status is set to Healthy, it indicates that your Cloudflared app has been setup correctly.

For full tutorial on how to setup Cloudflare Tunnel in CasaOS, checkout this comprehensive video tutorial by Youtube content creator @bigbeartechworld.