Issues with Files

The new copy/paste progress status in v1.2.2 (showing how many files is left) is a nice update. But I’m still experiencing some issues.

Dropbox Copying Issues
When I copy from Dropbox, I experience repeated hangs/stops. It simply stops copying. There is no way to resume the copying. I’m not sure why this is happening since it’s a direct connection to Dropbox.

Files Copy/Paste Stuck
On top of the Dropbox issue, the copy/paste progress gets “stuck.” So even if I cancel the Dropbox copy progress, and re-copy the same folders and re-paste them, the old stuck progress shows up, not the new progress.

If I copy a different file and try to paste it, the old progress gets triggered again, not a new progress for a new file.

Refreshing the Files window does not reset the copy/paste status.

Copy/Paste Status Disappears with Window Reload
Even when copying/pasting does work, if I refresh the window, the progress status simply disappears!

If I copy a file, then refresh the window, the paste option disappears!

Why isn’t this status being held server-side, independent from the loaded window?

Missing Online Storage
Along with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, wasn’t iCloud also shown in product photos? Will it be coming at a later point?

Hi Timothy,

It seems that you have encountered the bugs of Dropbox Copying Issues and Files Copy/Paste Stuck in Files. We will record and track them through the project management tool.

Regarding your suggestion of storing the copy status on the server-side, we will record it in the product and design improvement items and deal with it after evaluation.


Hi, I am the product manager of ZimaOS @timothy
Apple doesn’t seem to provide a similar interface that would allow files to appear in other file browsers
If you want to backup your photos, you can use immich app on your iPhone
I’d be happy to tell you how to install immich
If Apple has any changes of mind, ZimaOS will follow suit

I’m talking about Zima Files, not Apple/iOS Files…

Hi Timothy,

I invited ET to answer your question about the missing iCloud online storage feature. The interface he mentioned refers to the open API that iCloud does not directly provide to the public.
We are also working hard to investigate the feasibility of access.

We have recorded the bugs you mentioned about Files copying, and will synchronize them to you as soon as the problem is solved.


Oh I understand now, thanks.

Hi Timothy,

Thank you again for your valuable suggestions on ZimaOS.