Join Our Remote Acecess Challenge and Win Prizes!

:tada: Global Access, Local Data :tada:

Hey IceWhale Community! :earth_africa: Ready to show off your techie side? We’re launching an exciting new campaign: “Global Access, Local Data.”

Imagine the freedom to access up to 164TB of your personal data from anywhere in the world with ZimaCube and the ZimaOS Connect feature. Effortlessly access your data without complex configurations. ZimaOS now supports Zima series devices, x86 devices, and virtual machines. Dive into our campaign and experience seamless integration and connectivity. Unlock exclusive access to ZimaOS.

Share your remote data access stories and win amazing prizes like $100 discount codes, free accessories - 10G Ethernet Adapter (PCIE) worth $69.9, and surprise gifts!

:date: Campaign Dates: July 6th 0:00 to 12th 23:59 EDT

:trophy: Leaderboard Update: July 13th at 10:00 AM EDT

Tag your videos or posts with #ZimaRemoteAccess #DataFreedomAnywhere. Let’s inspire each other and make our digital lives epic!

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Global Access, Local Data – Zima Store Online