🌟 Join our ZimaOS and ZimaCube Experience Day!

:star2: Join our ZimaOS and ZimaCube Experience Day! :star2:
Dear community members,
We are thrilled to announce that with the first shipment of ZimaCube, we will be hosting a unique remote experience event! This is an excellent opportunity for you to experience the powerful features of ZimaOS and ZimaCube firsthand and provide us with your valuable feedback.

:date: Experience Time: June 13-30, the event time is from 7 AM to 11 AM Central European Time (2 PM - 6 PM China Time). Each participant is limited to 30 minutes to ensure everyone has sufficient time to experience it.

:link: How to Participate:

Interested friends, please send a message @777-Spider , providing your name, contact information, and informing us of your preferred time slot. We will schedule participants based on the time slots.
Users need to download and install the latest version of the Zima client [findzima.com] and log in with a unique remote access ID.

:rocket: Experience Highlights:
Fully remote control of ZimaCube PRO + NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada, allowing you to experience ZimaOS and ZimaCube remotely before the ZimaCube arrives!
Explore various features of ZimaOS, including app installation, file management, Local AI, ZVM, Raid, and more.
Provide valuable feedback to help us improve our products and ensure your voice is heard.

We look forward to your participation, together exploring the new possibilities brought by ZimaOS and ZimaCube! Your feedback is crucial to us, so let’s work together to create better products. :rocket:

:warning: Reminder: Due to network conditions, there may be delays. If you encounter any issues during the experience, you can send a message @777-Spider .
:warning: Additionally, this machine is a prototype of the ZimaCube Pro, so the actual experience may differ from the final production units

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