【Join The Discussion And Get a Limited Badge】It's time to talk about home server hosting!

:sparkles:【Join The Discussion And Get a Limited Badge】It’s time to talk about home server hosting!

Our community developer D.Rowland shared his experience in using ZimaBoard to efficiently host a wide range of services.

DIY Ultimate Home Server with ZimaBoard 832

What are your thoughts on his setup?

:boom: Let’s talk about:

What kind of services would you like to host?

What are some cool hosting things you’ve done with your server?

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Great topic! I think a lot of us are hosting things without even realising!

I used to have a full desktop server running my home media. As you can imagine it took a lot of power and was total overkill for home use.

Now I have downsized to the following:

ZimaBoard 432 - OPNsense and Zenarmour (with ubiquity wireless AP
ZimaBoard 832 - CasaOS - Sonarr, Radarr, Prowlarr, Transmission, Jellyfin, Folding@Home, Klipper (3d printer control)
ZimaBoard 832 - TrueNAS (Backups)

Total peak use 27w.
All stacked on my HackerRack

Moving forward I would like to get a few more devices into a cluster and run my folding project purely on that possibly looking a kubernetes cluster… who knows!!


Some services that I would like to host is a rust server to see how well the old gaming computer im using as my server can run it. Another service I would like to try and run is a minecraft server which im still looking for the best docker container to try it.

Some things im already running thought is plex, transmission, Duplicati, uptime kurma, Syncthing, and PhotoPrism.

The specs of the computer is 16 GB of ram, my CPU is the Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz, I got a 250GB ADATA 2.5 inch SSD, 1 TB hard drive, and a 2 TB hard drive. Theres no graphics card because transcoding is done on the CPU. Cant remember what the power supply is although I think its a 550 Watt. and finally the motherboard is ASUS P8H61-I LGA 1155 Intel Mini ITX motherboard. I know it might be overkill but in the future im going to be buying 3 Zimaboard 832.

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New to this game, but would like to run Pi-hole, Home Assistant, a replacement for Dropbox and a backup server.


Can confirm this will run great on these boards! Looking forward to hearing your progress!

Tossing in my setup here.

Currently I have shifted most of my infrastructure workloads over to my ZimaBoard 832 which runs with a 1TB Crucial P3 NVME, and a Samsung EVO 850 SATA SSD.

The Samsung SSD is there for local backup in case… Gremlins.

What my Zimaboard is currently doing is hosting a Gitea instance, Semaphore-Ansible and Nginx as a reverse proxy for tools and services I want to expose internally or externally depending on the function.

Hidden behind the Nginx Reverse Proxy are:
Uptimekuma - Used to monitor external servers and services.
Nextcloud (running on a bigger machine due to 24TB of zfs raid2z)
wg-easy (soon to be moved to router)
Plex Media Server

Future plans:
Authentik for SSO

Future plans is to shift all of these workloads over to a fleet of ZimaBlades and Zimaboards.

So far I have yet to make the zimaboard stutter or miss a step, and I intend to put more workloads on this poor lil fella.

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Those Crucial P3s are great for these boards!
Yes I need to dust my boards and my desk lol!

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Juuust the right price point :wink:

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Many users mentioned really cool services like Nextcloud and Jellyfin. I would also add to the list Photoprism, which I found amazing.

My dream would be to run Bitcoin core (with GUI) and a Lightning Node on CasaOS. There is nothing more important right now for the world than P2P money.


I’ve got a 216 running Frigate, AdGuard, AdGuard Sync to sync with my AGH on a RP4 which is running a dedicated Home Assistant and AGH as an add-on. I also have an Omada controller installed on my 216, but I can’t run it at the same time as the other containers, due to RAM and processing power, so looking to upgrade to a 7700 advanced kit Blade to shift everything over to! I have everything mounted under a wooden bed frame which keeps it nice and out of sight and acts as a nice mattress warmer for those cold winter’s nights. :wink:


Thanks for sharing the amazing creation!