New user: how to enable ssh or change app directories on Zimaos1.2

i’m brand new to NAS, but have been learning a ton, I understand the concepts but am lacking in understanding about the specifics of ZimaOS.

my main goal, is to use the apps with storage device besides the 256gb m.2 installed on the board. I have formatted drives which are seen and enabled, but when changing the directory/host in apps settings, I receive an error “disk is read only”

I believe I could use fdisk and mkdir commands to change the directory location, but, the console built into each app is not responding to commands.

A second problem, it seems the docker refuses my crendtials to acess the configuation tables I need to change, Is SSH turned off? how can that be enabled?

SSH is disabled by default, Please connect a keyboard and mouse to the device and you will see a message asking you to create a root password and this will then enable SSH.

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thanks so much. I’d also like to point out that the webs page that is linked in the QR code included with the box goes to a dead link, whoch says it has been removed with a frowny face. there is no other mention of the website or documentation, obviously I found this place, but, as this is meant to be easy for users to set up, hopefully that can be corrected, for others’ sake.

looking forward to making these changes, still really wish that adding hard drives would trigger a command which moves the directory for apps to new hard drives.

Thanks, it’s been a quick fix!

By default ZimaOS apps are installed in the AppData directory, users can change the directory in the app settings before or after installation, if you change it after installation the data will not be automatically migrated, you need to move the data manually.

yeah, I thiught it woyld be easier to chabge that directiry location… but none of the titorials I’ve used have worked so far. Got my data synced and back ups made onto the defautt drive, with manual large archives on the RAID disks, but…

I really need sine help with the ssh commands to change the difectory fir App data, plus, what I need to enter in the host/directory fields to save on the externals.

I’m surprized there was bo documentation offered with this product.