Plex App - No permission

New to CasaOs, want to move my Plex server there.Install worked fine, logged in with my plex pass account and after selecting my user I get the message “No access”
CasaOS v0.4.9 runs on Deban 12.5, this seems to be a permission problem but where and how do I have to set these permissions ?

All casaos does is manage containers and will not interfere with the operation of the container application itself. Can you take a screenshot? :grinning:

Thank you for your reply. The media library resids outside the docker container as shown here:

I entered the path in the Pley container configuration but somehow it has no access to this


How can I add this path or better where am i doing wrong ?

The first path should be the path to your movies, the second path is the path to the Plex mount.

I have done it this way but as it seems to me the Plex container does not see or has no access rights to the Media folder.
To be sure I have made a fresh installation from the scratch with the same negative result.
Is it possible to set the permissions manually ? and how?