[Solved]Connect Cube direct to computer without network?

Is there a way to connect my Cube directly to a computer, via USB? I tried the USB C port but nothing happened.

Obviously, this is a NAS, and I have it connected over ethernet and am using it on the network. But I had imagined loading it up via a direct connection from my computer first, then using it from the network afterward. Is this not something that’s possible?

I also ask because my ethernet connection seems to be slow at 50-95 Mbps. I’m getting new Cat7 cables to see if that speeds things up, as I’m not sure how good the quality of the cable is from my desktop to my router. Raw HDD speed, before RAID5, was 230 Mbps. I’m not sure whether RAID slows that down.

(PS: I only just recognized there are different categories for threads. My apologies for my earlier threads which ended up in the wrong category!)

ZimaCube Pro is based on Thunderbolt 4 for direct connection to a PC. The basic version of ZimaCube, with its C port, can only expand to regular USB peripherals. If you wish to further enhance the IO performance of the basic ZimaCube, you might consider using PCIe accessories to establish more connection options.

Is there any documentation or tutorials yet on adding PCIe accessories? I’ve actually never worked with PCIe before. I was looking at some options on Amazon but don’t have clarity on which ones are compatible. I searched the ZimaBoard website but came up empty-handed; the info seems to be about the ZimaBoard.

Thank you for your feedback! Currently, our documentation does lack relevant content on adding PCIe accessories. We understand that this may be difficult for first-time PCIe users. In order to better help you, we are planning to add this series of detailed tutorials and guidance in future documentation updates, so please be patient. :grinning:

Shall we share a simple timeline about PCIe compatibility tutorials?