Some problem with zimaborad

I try to install a win10 system on zimaboard ,but I found the system space for installation is not enough. so I try to use commond like"resizepart 1 10gb",after that I can’t get in cases at all. it always stay in grub.

I can’t get in casaos at all .

The total space of Zimaboards are 32GB of eMMC.
This is not enough to install Windows.

If you are intending to use Windows on it, I would strongly recommend that you use a SATA ssd for this purpose.

You can install W10 on a ZimaBoard’s eMMC but as @garandil said it will not leave much space. W10 spec calls for a mimimum of 20GB but then when you add optional features, do updates and install software it will soon exceed the 32GB, not to mention things like system restore points that take up space.

You could use something like NTLite to slim the OS install down considerably, however a bare bones install while it may run, man not be able to run what you need to run software wise.