Use AX210 network card on ZimaBoard to realize wireless connection network

Problem description:
ZimaBoard with AX210 wireless network card cannot start normally
Equipment preparation:
ZimaBoard 832 X 1
AX210 X 1
Network cable X 1
miniDP X 1
Power X 1
Display X 1
Connection Diagram:

Brief description of the quick operation process:
A. Insert AX210 into ZimaBoard;
B. Update the driver of AX210
C. Turn on the casaOS system and connect to WIFI

Detailed update driver steps:
Step1: Check whether the AX210 network card device is connected
Enter the command: lspci

It can be seen that AX210 has been successfully connected to ZimaBoard

Step2: Update AX210 driver
Official driver download—

At present, the version tested by ZimaBoard is above 5.10.0, you can refer to the following steps:

  1. Update the system:
    apt update && apt upgrade
    1. Delete the old wireless driver:
      apt remove firmware-iwlwifi -y
  2. Install updated wireless drivers:
    apt install firmware-iwlwifi -y
  3. Download the latest wireless firmware package:
    wget en:users:drivers:iwlwifi-ty-59.601f3a66.0.tgz [Linux Wireless]
  4. Unzip the firmware package and copy the firmware file to the system directory:
    tar -zxvf iwlwifi-ty-59.601f3a66.0.tgz
    cd iwlwifi-ty-59.601f3a66.0
    cp -r * /lib/firmware
  5. Remove old firmware:
    cd /lib/firmware && rm -r *.pnvm

Step3: Start AX210
In CasaOS, turn on WIFI and choose to connect to the network you need