Hard disk box overheating problem reappears

Normal operating temperature

Example (standard):

ZimaBoard test

Connect to zimaboard, transfer speed 1GB/Mbps, temperature: 43 degrees

Load running temperature test:

Test environment:

Connect the data line to the computer (computer model: MAC-MINI) (the transmission speed of the data line can reach 40Gb/s)

Test using monitoring software:

Disk Speed Test real-time monitoring of transmission speed

Testing process:

Disk Speed Test will test the sequential read and write speed of the hard disk by writing or reading continuous large blocks of file data.

Run 5mins 53℃

Run 10mins 65℃

Run1H 67.7℃


Thank you for your feedback on the hard disk temperature problem. After receiving the feedback, we conducted relevant tests and analysis, and now report the results as follows:

  1. We use Disk Speed Test to test the transfer rate. The test results show that the maximum sequential read rate of the hard disk can reach about 7GB/s, which has indeed reached the high rate of SSD.

  2. Through hardware monitoring, the maximum temperature of the hard disk under high load is 67.7 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature is higher, it is still within the normal operating temperature range of SSDs (up to 70°C).

  3. Considering the impact of the ambient temperature in the computer room on the hard disk, we monitor the temperature and humidity in the computer room in real time and keep it at 26±2°C, with a humidity of 50%RH. The working environment temperature of the hard disk fully complies with its technical specifications.

In summary, although the current hard disk temperature is slightly high, it is still within the controllable range, and there is no obvious failure phenomenon.