ZimaBoard FAQ's

Q : What is the account password for ROOT?

Account:casaos Passwordcasaos

Q :The red light comes on when I plug it in, but I can’t access CasaOS through http://casaos.local/?

When you power on the device normally, the network port light flashes normally and the machine device indicator palace light is on, indicating that the device power system is running normally. At this time, you need to get the IP address of the device into CasaOS by entering the route or other means or check it by connecting the miniDP on the device through the monitor.

Tutorial to get the IP address

Tutorial for resetting the system


  1. If the signal indicator blinks, it means the signal is normal and communication is in progress

  2. If the signal indicator is off, it means no communication

  3. If the signal indicator light is long, it means the network cable is short-circuited

Q Does the power supply support 110v?

This side is not supported. We recommend that you use the official charger

Q Support a single 8t hard drive?

ZimaBoard Expandable to 36TB

Q Does SSH need to go into the server and open the port itself?

SSH is opened by default

Q I reinstalled a Debian system with a USB flash drive and then prepared to use it to do their own docker, another empty USB flash drive for expansion, I plugged in the USB flash drive, which can be recognized, ready to pull some data to put the docker container, but after unplugging, the power light all out, ssh also out, at this time not yet plugged in the empty USB flash drive, and then plugged in the power, the power light flashes a little and gone, and then try to plug in monitor, the monitor can not receive the signal, the logo can not see, bios naturally can not enter may be unplugged u disk when the sudden current, resulting in parts burned

This side of the current understanding of the system BIOS problems (belonging to the version of the problem has been repaired), if earlier users to buy equipment found such problems, the machine can not open. Please open the backplane, and remove the RTC battery to re-power the boot again. (Add a link to modify the BIOS system).

Modify the BIOS system according to this tutorial.