ZMB216 Timestamp Fix

ZMB216 Timestamp Fix

  1. Use the following command to synchronize your system clock with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, ensuring that your system time remains accurate. Run the command below to install the NTP tool:
sudo apt update 
sudo apt install ntpdate 
sudo apt install ntp 

Once the installation is complete, the system will automatically fetch time information from the NTP server and adjust the system clock to the correct time. If you prefer to manually sync the system clock with the NTP server, run the following command:

sudo ntpdate
  1. Run the following command to write the current system time to the hardware clock:
sudo hwclock --systohc 
  1. Now, you can restart your system and check if the time is still correct. If you want the system to automatically sync the hardware clock with the system clock every time it starts, you can edit the /etc/default/hwclock file and set the value of UTC to “no.” For example, you can use the following command to edit the file:
sudo nano /etc/default/hwclock 

In the opened file, find the following line:

Change the value of UTC from “yes” to “no,” and save the file. From now on, whenever you restart the system, it will automatically sync the hardware clock with the system clock.

# Set to "yes" to set the hardware clock in UTC time. 
  1. Restart your device.