Ubuntu Server Headless Won't Boot

I have been beating my head agains the wall on this one for ages. I installed ubuntu 22.04 server on multiple Zima Blades. They boot fine and connect to the network when hooked up to a monitor but never show up on the network when I boot it without a monitor hooked up. I presume it is because there is not a way to set BIOS to boot with errors.

I’m stuck!!!

We have tried to reproduce your problem and installed the same system as yours, but it did not appear. We recommend that you check the following aspects to help you solve the problem:

  1. Check your Boot Option settings first

  2. Check whether the SSH service is enabled and make sure it runs automatically when the system starts.

  3. If you do not get a network connection without a display, you can try to connect to the display again and check the startup status of ZimaBlade to get more debugging information.

I really appreciate the help on the matter. Its weird it cannot be replicated. I have built and rebuilt my “blades” over and over and it happens every time. I think im taking crazy pills. When you mention “boot options” im assuming you mean the bios?


Huh. I only have the one option…