Upgrade to ZimaOS 1.2.1

Hello there. I saw there was an update in ZimaOS. I did the update. The previous updates have worked great for me so far. This time, once it rebooted, it said there was a new drive available. I didn’t do any hardware changes.

So it lost my Raid1 configuration. Now, I am testing this on my own hardware. But it’s an N100 system. Should be pretty similar to the base Zimacube. I’m not complaining. But if you can point me to any log files, I could upload them to you guys, and maybe you can figure out what went wrong? Have a good day.

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Thank you very much for your feedback, we have made a note of the ask and will be updating it in the next month and a half, please look out for our updates.

Do you want or need any log files? If not, I’d like to rebuild my setup.

I’m not expert, but I wonder if this is a similar issue to the other person who lost their RAID5 setup?

I had the same issue and they helped me to rebuild my Raid5 , so data is safe

That’s awesome. Do you have an actual ZimaCube? I’d bet they prioritize a paying customer on official hardware over someone that installed the software independently.