Uploading files results in "invalid token" error

Hi, I am constistenly experiencing the same problem with CasaOS: uploading files gets an error with “invalid token” message. This usually happens when I upload a dozen of files or more. Login out of CasaOS and re-loging in solves the problem. Is there a permanent fix for this so that I do not need to use this workaround? Thank you, Z.

Thanks for your feedback! During the upload process, the token not refreshed, this problem has been fixed in zimaos, but casaos will be fixed in the next version. Can u update zimaos v0.4.9.2 to check this problem still happen

Hi, raller1028. Thank you for the reply. I am currently using only CasaOS. If you told me where to get ZimaOS, I would be happy to test it. Thank you, Z.

Had the same issue, disappeared after a restart!