Using ZFS under Linux/CasaOS with OpenZFS

Using ZFS pools on Debian 12 with OpenZFS & CasaOS

I have been playing with CasaOS now for about a week or so under a virtual machine and wanted to know if I could use my Truenas hard drives (ZFS pools) under CasaOS and get access to the data. Sadly ZFS support doesn’t seem to be existent in CasaOS YET as far as I have read but that obviously could change.

As my CasaOS install is running on Debian 12 I decided to see if I can get ZFS on Debian and then get CasaOS to use the hard drives and of course I got success and here is the guide on how to do it.

Step 1 – Your first step is to jump to a Cli(shell) and switch to root using su – and then type the following installing openZFS

apt update
apt install dpkg-dev linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic
apt install zfs-dkms zfsutils-linux
This will install openZFS and all the necessary packages to get it running

Step 2 – Now that’s installed you will need to view all of your pools ready for importing so type the following in the shell.

zpool import

This should show you all of your current pools if you have any made

Step 3 – For importing any of the pools type the following

zpool import -f Vol1

Making sure you change Vol1 for the name of a pool you want to import. Give this a while and it should have imported your pool. Check to see if it has running Zpool import and it should take it out of your pools list if you have more than one or will just say no available pools to import.

Step 4 – Open up the CasaOS web gui and navigate to file browser and hopefully your newly added pool should just show up.


NOTE!! – If you would like to create a new pool, swap out an existing disk of a pool or anything else then visit the follow link which will give you all the information needed. This has been run on Debian 12 but also has a long list of Linux distro’s ready to use.

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