Will RAID support include lvmcache writecache (raid1) or bcache?

Are there any plans to include support for NVME writecaching using linux block caching tech like bcache or lvmcache?

Setting this up isn’t that complicated, I presume adding the feature in GUI while you are building the RAID functionality should not be complicated as the settings are similar and it uses mdadm.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! We attach great importance to user opinions and needs. Regarding the support of LVMcache, Writecache, RAID1 and Bcache, we will seriously consider and evaluate its feasibility in future versions. These features are indeed very helpful in improving system performance and data management flexibility.

Our team will pay close attention to user needs and continuously optimize and improve the product. I will inform you of any relevant updates and progress here as soon as possible. If you have other suggestions or needs, please feel free to raise them.