Windows 10/11 Installation and Benchmarking on the ZimaBlade 7700

This report shows the PassMark scores on a ZimaBlade when Windows is installed on the bare metal. This also describes how to bypass Windows 11’s need for a TPM, and Internet connectivity in order to install the OS.

The PassMark scores are very much like as it was shown on on the IceWhale Crowd Supply Pages and a summary is shown here.

NOTE: For many year Microsoft has allowed a “Free” upgrade to Windows 10. This was started when Windows 10 came out and was to get people to move to W10 from Windows 7. To cut a long story short if you installed Windows 10 as an upgrade on top of an exisitng Install it would digially activate without a key.

Officially this process ended in July 2016, but its actually been working for many years, however its been reported that this process has ended as of September 2023, so going forward if you want to use Windows on ZimaBlade legitimalty you will need to buy a Windows Licence.

ZimaBlade Benchmark.pdf (1.2 MB)

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Addind some more standard testbenches on W11

Links to the reports on line but the PDF is also here, the online reprots may allow you to do comparisons with other hardware.

PCMark Intel HD Graphics 500 video card benchmark result - Intel Celeron J3455,IceWhale Technology Co.,Ltd. ZBB001-BK40032

NovaBench Novabench - Benchmark Result

novabench.pdf (497.5 KB)
pcmark.pdf (1.3 MB)

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