ZimaBlade Weekly Update: Ready for Dispatch!

ZimaBlade Weekly Update: Ready for Dispatch!

Dear ZimaBlade Backers,

We’ve heard a lot of questions from the community about ZimaBlade shipments,we are thrilled to share some exciting news regarding the shipment of ZimaBlade.

Shipment Progress:

We have successfully completed the first round of shipments to CrowdSupply this week!
This significant milestone marks a major step forward in delivering ZimaBlade to our valued backers.

  • ZimaBlade 3760 Early Bird - 500 limited: 21units

  • ZimaBlade 3760: 105 units

  • ZimaBlade 7700: 197 units

All shipments to CS are expected to be completed before February 4th, 2024, will include bellow:

  • ZimaBlade 7700 Starter Kit: 372 units

  • ZimaBlade 7700 NAS Kit: 777 units

  • CS Special 12-core 48GB Cluster Set: 177 units

We appreciate your patience and support throughout this process. Rest assured, we are working diligently to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of ZimaBlade to all our backers.

Shipping Method:

  • The first batch will be shipped by air, and subsequent ones will be sent ocean freight.

  • We anticipate the first batch goods to arrive at CS within 5 days.

  • The subsequent goods will arrive to CS 25 days.

  • Once CS receives the products, they will promptly dispatch them to our backers.

We appreciate your continued support and patience throughout this process.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to info@icewhale.org

All the Crowdfunded ZimaBlade that have been packed and ready to go!