ZimaBlade Weekly Update - ZimaBlade ZimaBlade Makes, Validation & Production

:sunglasses: ZimaBlade Weekly Update - ZimaBlade ZimaBlade Makes, Validation & Production

1. ZimaBlade Makes by Community Contributors

3D Print Hard Drive Bracket

  • community contributor Geoff ‘sabi’ Palmer’s work: Printables

  • John’s work: Discord

  • IceWhale official Hard Drive Bracket for HDD

2. ZimaBlade Validation in Third-Party Systems

TrueNAS Validation

Hardware environment:

1* ZimaBlade 3760
1* monitor
1* mini DP
1* keyboard
1* USB flash drive (as installation disk)

Brief description of the quick operation process:

  • Download the TrueNAS.iso image file and use Rufus to write this file to a USB flash drive as an installation disk.

  • Insert the installation disk into the ZimaBlade and pull it out after the installation is complete.

  • Restart ZimaBlade

  • Log in and use TrueNAS

Detailed installation process

Step1: Download the image file

Click on the official link below:

Step2: Make an installation USB disk

Use Rufus, select the USB disk device and add the iso file;


Install TrueNas on ZimaBlade

3.1 Select eMMC installation

3.2 set password

3.3 Select UEFI boot mode

3.4 Reboot ZimaBlade

Step4: Read the IP and access TrueNas

Account: root Password: casaos

Now you can use TrueNAS in ZimaBlade!

Other Validation by community contributors:

Win10/11 validation by GJchester

Synology diskStation manager on ZimaBlade by Geoff ‘sabi’ Palmer

3. Production Timeline