ZimaBoard Running Android x86 System to Achieve Tablet-Level Functionality

Verification Conclusion:

Android apps can be downloaded to achieve some tablet-related functions.

Introduction to Android x86:

What is Android x86?

Android x86 is a project that ports the Android system to devices based on x86 architecture.

Through Android x86, we can install and use the Android system on more desktops, laptops and

other devices based on x86 architecture. Its emergence has truly enabled Android to achieve

cross-platform capabilities. Overall, Android x86 is a very successful ported version of the

Android system.

Therefore, running Android x86 on ZimaBoard is very useful. Firstly, ZimaBoard has reliable

designs for power management, heat dissipation, port layout, etc., and very strong computing

power. Together with the Android x86 system, it can provide excellent computing capabilities,

while also allowing ZimaBoard to access a huge number of Android apps and implement related

functions at the same time.




USB drive

SSD card


SATA cable

Brief Description of Quick Operation Steps:
β€’ Download the android-x86_64-8.1-r5.iso image file, link: Download | Android-x86, and use Rufus software to write the file to the USB drive as theinstallation disk.

β€’ Insert the installation disk into ZimaBoard for installation. It can be removed after completion.

β€’ Use the SSD to run the Android-x86 system.

Detailed Installation Steps

Step 1: Download image file
Step 2: Make a bootable USB drive

Use Rufus, select the USB drive, add the iso file;

Click start, follow the steps. After successful operation, the USB drive can be used as installation

disk, and can be inserted into ZimaBoard for waiting.

Step 3: Start installation

Before installation, enter the BIOS by continuously pressing the F11 key, select the installation

disk to start installation.

Select system disk for installation

Follow subsequent steps based on personal needs, select β€œYES” or β€œNO”

The system starts installation

After installation is complete, select Run Android-x86 to enter the system

System home page after entering

Select language

You can then follow the steps to log in and use.

System home page after entering

You can now use the system normally.


ZimaBoard is an open source single board computer based on x86 architecture. Android x86 is a project that ports the Android system to devices based on x86 architecture. Combining ZimaBoard with Android x86 has many advantages. It can install a huge number of Android apps for use. At the same time, Android x86 can leverage the powerful x86 processor performance of ZimaBoard to provide smooth interfaces and tablet-level effects. Android x86 supports mouse and keyboard operations and is also very suitable for large-screen devices like ZimaBoard, providing users with a better experience. Overall it is very stable in use with good application compatibility. The rich Android development frameworks and tools make app development and porting on ZimaBoard simpler and more cost effective. Relevant functions can also be achieved.

In summary, installing Android x86 on ZimaBoard can leverage the strengths of both to provide a superior experience. Downloading Android apps can thus provide better experiences. Highly recommended!