ZimaBoard Scalability

ZimaBoard, as an emerging open source edge computing platform, its modularity and scalability is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. Today I highly recommend two related articles from the community.

The article “Intelligent UPS Models Based on Modular Design - The Case of ZimaBoard” describes how CP02024 utilizes the modularity of ZimaBoard hardware to create an intelligent UPS power supply unit. The article is easy to understand, and provides detailed examples and illustrations, is a good material for beginners to practice ZimaBoard project.

How to DIY ZimaBoard as Your NAS Device - Interview" is an interview with Tina F. Keil on how to build a personal NAS storage device. The article explains the process of DIY NAS from the selection of hardware, application configuration, etc., so that readers can quickly grasp the ZimaBoard built into a high-performance private cloud disk method.

Whether you want to practice the modularity of ZimaBoard, or transform it into a daily device, these two articles are excellent reference materials.

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