ZimaCube N100 - Successfully Installed Xpenology (DSM 7.2)

So my N100 arrived today and just for a laugh I decided to see it would run Synology DSM 7.2 using ARC Loader. And it does! .

Haven’t had time to test everything yet and I’m still configuring it to mirror my DS920+ NAS but not seen any errors so far. All the hardware including an Intel 10Gb NIC I threw in there has been detected and installed. Will chuck in a couple SATA SSD’s to act as a Raid cache later and then see what sort of transfer speeds I can acheive.

The only thing that concerns me atm is the 8Gb RAM which probably will hinder things once I have all my docker containers up & running.

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It looks great!

So just to update, SSD cache installed but still to run tests to determine transfer speeds. Also on the hardware front I’ve installed a Crucial 32Gb RAM module and despite it not being supported it seems to run fine. Further more I’ve also installed a Noctua NH-L9i low profile heatsink fan, probably not needed but it looks good. :slight_smile:

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Wow, now this really interests me… Would love to know the number and type of drives you are installing

So far just two 18 Tb Seagate Enterprise hdd’s and two 460Gb Sata SSD’s.

So just did a transfer across the LAN on a 10Gb link and the speeds are very disappointing average speed was only about 120MB/s. So either the SSD cache isn’t working for some reason or there is bottleneck being caused on the SATA lanes.

Going to try this again at some point but this time I’ll move the SSD cache to the PCI-E slots and see if there’s an improvement.

Noctua NH-L9i ,very nice quiet radiator.

Have you tested the link speed?


I looked an Xpenology websites three days ago and was utterly confused.

Can you give me a link to what i download to do this?

Just use Arc Loader, and follow the instructrions on the GitHub page. Basically burn the image to a USB stick, ensure the ZimaCube is set to boot from USB first in bios Boot options and then when Arc Loader is loaded use the defaults except choose it to emulate a Synology DS1520+

Arc Loader is definitely the easiest way I’ve discovered to get RedPill loader/Xpenology configured and working on different servers/boxes.


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thanks i appreciate that, any changes i need to make given i have the i5 / zimacube pro?

also the ,inks are still a little confusing - do i just down load the *.img.zip, and uncompress - the wiki literally doesn’t have that on it, lol… oh i take it back, its buried in step 7 - guess they need help with getting started docs - i think i am right path now?