ZimaCube Pro Delivery Expected Soon!

Dear ZimaCube Backers,

We have exciting news to share - ZimaCube Pro units are about to be shipped out!

Over the past week, we’ve received some requests related to international shipping. To ensure smooth transportation, we’ve decided to use DHL.

Before ZimaCube Pro Shipped Out

This week, we’ve sent out preparation emails to collect final shipping addresses from all users in order to minimize the possibility of shipping errors. Our team is actively organizing the updated information to coordinate with third-party logistics.

[IMPORTANT] Address Confirmation - Again and again and again!

If you haven’t received our recent email regarding shipping confirmation and address verification, or if your shipping address has changed, please review your order details on your Kickstarter order page promptly. If there are any updates, kindly let us know via info@icewhale.org.

ZimaCube Pros have been received in our warehouse, and we are currently performing final quality checks before the shipment.

ZimaCube Pro Delivery Plan:

361 units ZimaCube Pro Personal Cloud(16G) will be shipped on July 2nd;

254 units ZimaCube Pro Personal Cloud(64G) will be shipped on July 6th;

118 units ZimaCube Pro Creator Pack(64G+NVDIA 2000Ada) will be shipped on July 10th.

Recently we organized a feedback and suggestion session regarding logistics in the European region. We greatly appreciate the participation of backers and the organization by moderators. Based on everyone’s feedback, we’ve switched the European shipping service provider from UPS to DHL to ensure a smoother delivery process.

For users who purchased the ZimaCube Pro Creator Kit, please note that your order will be shipped in two separate packages—one for the graphics card and one for the ZimaCube Pro.

Exciting News: About GPU Update

In a recent hardware update, we upgraded ZimaCube Pro’s original GPU NVIDIA RTX A2000 to NVIDIA RTX 2000 Ada, which offers improved performance.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in ZimaCube! We are excited to get the ZimaCube Pro into your hands and appreciate your patience and support throughout this process. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Best regards,

The Zima Team