ZimaCube Raid keeps disappering after restart or shutdown

I have a ZimaCube with ZimaOS v1.2.0. My raid 5 setup keeps disappearing along with any data after I restart or shut down. I then have to go through the whole process again. I am using 1, Hitachi 12TB refurb data center drive, and 2, 10TB WD Red Pro drives. I would appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions. Thank You

Update:I tried Raid 0 and 2 same results :sob:


Screenshot from 2024-06-13 09-39-57
Screenshot from 2024-06-13 09-39-03

After Restart or shutdown

Screenshot from 2024-06-13 09-45-09

And if I had try to re-add the the drives it errors out

I’m very sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with your ZimaCube. It appears that you’re encountering a known software problem that we’re currently working to fix. While I can provide you with a temporary workaround, I highly recommend waiting for our upcoming v1.2.1 update, which will offer a more stable solution.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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