ZimaCube TrueNAS Installation Guide

ZimaCube TrueNAS Installation Guide

Hardware environment:

1× ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0
1× Monitor
1× DP
1× Keyboard

1× Ethernet cable 1 X USB flash drive (as installation disk)

Brief description of quick operation process:

  • Download the TrueNAS.iso image file and use Rufus to write this file to a USB flash drive as an installation disk.

  • Insert the installation disk into the ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0 and pull it out after the installation is complete.

  • Restart ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0

  • Log in and use TrueNAS

Detailed installation process

Step1: Download the image file

Click on the official link below:

Step2: Make an installation USB disk

Use Rufus, select the USB disk device and add the iso file;

Step3: Install TrueNas on ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0

Select eMMC installation

Set password

Installation succeeded

Reboot ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0

Step4: Read the IP and access TrueNas

Account: admin Password: casaos

Now you can use TrueNAS in ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0!

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