ZimaCube Update 6

ZimaCube Update 6

  • TrueNAS and unRAID verification on ZimaCube
  • ZimaCube idle power & sleep power consumption Test
  • AI in ZimaCube : Stable Diffusion demo
  • Explore Video Creation with ZimaCube

Part 1: TrueNAS and unRAID verification on ZimaCube

In our previous communication, we introduced ZimaOS, the native system of ZimaCube. Additionally, we’ve been attentive to the feedback from the community regarding ZimaCube’s compatibility with major third-party software. In response, we’ve conducted thorough compatibility tests with TrueNAS and unRAID.

Here is the TrueNAS guide for your reference.

Part 2:ZimaCube idle power & sleep power consumption

In ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0, we conducted the idle power test and sleep power test under the environment of Dietpi and 6XHDDS.

Part 3: AI in ZimaCube 1235U prototype: Stable Diffusion demo

Given the growing prevalence of AI, we recognize that many users are interested in running common AI applications on the ZimaCube platform. In this demonstration, we aim to showcase Stable Diffusion on the ZimaCube 1235U prototype. We will simulate a scenario involving team collaboration, making it effortless for multiple users to access the generated images on ZimaCube & ZimaOS. Furthermore, we’ll emphasize the importance of timely backups for your collaborative work.

Part 4: Explore Video Creation with ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0

In this demo, we simulate simple video creation usage scenarios , from three key points to show that using ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0 and ZimaOS Open Beta, video workers can easily and smoothly work.

  1. Auto Card Copying/Backup: Effortlessly safeguard your footage with automatic card copying and backup features, ensuring your content is secure and accessible.

  2. On-the-Go Video Editing: Experience seamless on-the-go video editing.

  3. Privacy, Budget, Accessible Large Capacity: ZimaCube offers a unique blend of privacy, budget-friendliness, and easily accessible large capacity, catering to your diverse video creation needs.

The features in the Demo belong to the early version, and we are constantly iterating them. At the same time, we are looking forward to your suggestions from the community.

Call For Action: How to plan with your ZimaCube?

In this update, we showcase AI application - Stable Diffusion operating on ZimaOS and ZimaCube. And we also simulate some usage scenarios for video creators using ZimaCube & ZimaOS.

Are there additional application scenarios you’re considering? What are your plans for ZimaCube once it’s in your hands? We’d love to hear your thoughts—please share them with us in comments.

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