ZimaOS Open Beta Released

ZimaOS Open Beta Released!


Fixed the issue where thumbnail generation failed for images with spaces in their names. Corrected errors in the Paste-Overwrite functionality. @scottyman2k


Resolved the problem of partition mounting failure during dd installation. Added a new installation method using USB installer.img. Introduced support for Thunderbolt interface. Added nvme-cli. @scottyman2k

:heart: Specially thanks to all ZimaOS Partners, your contribution and help test is big valuable for ZimaOS! Appreciated for it!

If there are more people who would like to join ZimaOS Partner, to help us test. Please feel free to DM us.

I am having so much fun with this. I stumbled upon ZimaOS, and i love it.

A feature request:

Mounting Google drive is easy currently, but would have even greater functionality if you could assign a storage to it and sync all the files to be local, like what you can with the Google drive desktop client.

This way i can access all my files at all the devices in the house for easy offline editing.

Thank you for loving ZimaOS! Yes, we totally agree with this feature request and thank you! Now we are working on the files- management re-statructure. After that we will expanding this kind features.

That is great to hear!

Upcoming raid and offline cloud sync would make ZimaOS to be one of the best out there.

Keep up the good work!