ZimaOS V1.2.0 Community Feedback and Iteration Summary

Dear Zima Users,

We have noticed that some users have encountered issues with their ZimaCube recently. We greatly value your feedback and are actively working to address these issues. Below are the main issues that have been reported and their solutions:

RAID Issues:

RAID Disappears After Reboot on ZimaOS V 1.2.0 Devices

Cause: RAID fails to mount properly after reboot, leading to inaccessible data. Your data is safe and not lost.

Solution: Please update to ZimaOS V 1.2.1 to resolve this issue.

Unable to Create RAID 0/1/5

Cause: HDD abnormalities or path conflicts,etc .

Solution: We will provide a detailed troubleshooting process within a week to help you resolve this step by step.

RAID Data Migration

Current Status: RAID currently does not support direct physical migration. Disk reuse across different manufacturers or devices is not supported; data migration must be done via file copying.

Solution: You can use SMB network shares or Syncthing for data migration. We will release a detailed tutorial within a week to guide you through the process.

Issue with 7th bay Recognition

Some users have reported issues with the 7th bay not fully displaying, misalignment in position, or problems when expanding SSDs on PCIe to the seventh disk.

Current Status:

Your SSDs are usable, and data is intact. The issue lies in the display or positioning of the disk slots, but functionality remains normal in storage management below.


Please ignore the disk slot display for now. In the storage management section below, proceed to create new storage spaces or RAID directly. We are actively working to fix the disk slot display issue and will address it in future updates.At the same time, we will release a detailed tutorial of a temporary solution within a week to guide you on how to operate.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience. Our technical team is working hard to ensure you have the best user experience possible. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support team.

Thank you for your continued support!


IceWhale Team


If anyone encounters issues with other versions, please feel free to post them here. We will respond to all issues within 48 hours.

I really like it so far

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Which features do you like? Which parts of the existing software and hardware do you think are good? Which parts need more improvement and are not as good as you expected?

Okay, sure, I’ll make list to everything which comes to mind and will edit this post after that, first of all for me is casaOS as well new (or rather I saw it exists and when it came down to install it months later I saw ZimaOS and went straight with that). I imagine that part is therefore not as interesting, casaOS Appstore sources work etc. But I think I can give some information on stuff about the GPU support and Virtualization, NVME disk and in general how it runs on a full scale x86 machine, since a typical NAS typically doesn’t has that. And about the Zerotier implementation. to be edited

Hi polytox, any update or further suggestion for us to upgrade the ZimaOS?