ZimaOS v1.2.2 Available!

ZimaOS v1.2.2 Available!


  • Support NTFS hard disk enable without formatting

  • New time zone selection in settings

  • Show the development docs in settings-version

  • Added Settings and PeerDrop to the dashboard


  • Assist source documents can be opened

  • Added languages Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean


  • Ensure that system upgrades take effect

  • Automatically read the web browser’s time zone

  • Fixed the confusion of file upload, copy and paste in Files

  • Fixed the problem of no response when inserting USB disk

  • Fixed the issue that a single storage space is still marked as used after being disabled

  • Fixed the display error when viewing Files on an ultrawide(21:9) monitor

  • Fixed the problem of SSD being displayed as HDD

:zap: For users who have installed ZimaOS V1.1:
Click on the red dot in the top left corner of the dashboard to initiate the update.

:zap: Installer:

:zap: Manual upgrade:


  • If you find any software problems, welcome to join the Discord and get support from 20,000 Zima community members.- IceWhale

Cool, will try it.

Do you need support in German translation?

Hey team

I installed the update and I lost my raid

Yes,I’d be very grateful if I could get your help. :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
ZimaOS dashboard in Crowdin

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Hi, Eduardo,

I can help you solve your problem as quickly as possible. Please contact me by DM. We need you to provide network ID, ssh password or ZimaOS username and password.


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How do you upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 ? You are saying that I should see a “red dot in the top left corner” yet I don’t see anything like that!
Also, some random questions:

  • do you plan to be able to manage our network configuration from GUI ? (because I can’t set a static IP other than doing via command line)
  • Do you plan to have some kind of user management ?
  • Where can I see the logs of my docker container ? (except by going command line?)
  • Where my docker config are put ?(let say I’m importing my docker-compose file, where can I find it after that?)

Thanks a lot!

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You have to wait until ZimaOS downloads the whole update to /DATA/rauc/releases. This happens automatically.

The update to 1.2.2 is 4.02 GB!

Then you will see the red dot.

how do i update using the raucb file?

i ask because i downloaded the image github told me, only to realize it is an old one… i would prefer to update then burn the 1.2.2 image if i can help it

well uploading the file and doing rauc install didn’t help

–edit-- worse, running the below screwed all the disk detection - including the nvme for OS - not good.

bash-5.2# rauc install zimaos_zimacube-1.2.2.raucb 
  0% Installing
  0% Determining slot states
 20% Determining slot states done.
 20% Checking bundle
 20% Verifying signature
 40% Verifying signature done.
 40% Checking bundle done.
 40% Checking manifest contents
 60% Checking manifest contents done.
 60% Determining target install group
 80% Determining target install group done.
 80% Updating slots
 80% Checking slot boot.0
 83% Checking slot boot.0 done.
 83% Copying image to boot.0
 86% Copying image to boot.0 done.
 99% Updating slots failed.
100% Installing failed.
LastError: Installation error: Error while writing status file: Failed to create file ?/var/lib/rauc/rauc.db.ST8AR2?: No such file or directory
Installing `/DATA/rauc/zimaos_zimacube-1.2.2.raucb` failed

We infer that this problem is caused by the failure to mount the 8th partition. You can check /dev/nvme*n1p8 from the results of lsblk. You can try again by restarting.

i just reimaged with 1.2.2. first time that still left disk layout issues
so i reimaged with 1.2.2. again and that time all was ok

I am not convinced your installer is correctly partitioning the OS drive if the drives have previous zimaos or other OS partitions on it

There is indeed a known issue that if other operating systems are installed on the system disk and partitions have been made, the installation will fail. We have currently addressed this in ZimaOS v1.2.3 and are currently testing it.

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fabulous, known issues are the best - they can be fixed :slight_smile: and great that we know that was the likely cause.

i heard next version is due Friday?