ZimeCube Pro Therman Issues

Just got the ZimaCube Pro and it is idleing at 50Cand with any sort of load even like 25% cpu usage the temp instantly go to 99-100C.

Is this expected behavior or do I have a defective unit?

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Regarding this issue, you can try the following method:

  1. Open the store and install ttydbridge.

  • 1.1. If ttydbridge cannot be installed through the app store, you can import ttydbridge by using the custom import app method.

  • 1.2. In the WebUI, open “Install a customized app.”

  • 1.3. Click “Import.”

  • 1.6. Complete the installation.

  1. Open ttydbridge, enter the username and password “admin password” to log in.

  1. Run the script:
    curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IceWhaleTech/zimaos-rauc/main/zimaos-fix.sh | bash
    Tips: In the ttydbridge interface, you can paste using Ctrl + Shift + V.
    Please inform us about the results of the repair, with a screenshot similar to the one provided.

  1. Restart ZimaCube and check if the issue still exists.

  2. Delete ttydbridge and ensure that the SSH function is disabled.

I’ve got TrueNas scale on the cube right now, what does this script do? I couldn’t really tell by reading it.

Sorry I didn’t realise you were already on truenas, the purpose of this script is to make sure that zimaos hasn’t lost its configuration files.


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After the fix, is the system working?

I saw some interesting info on discord ZimaCube that rotate the fan 90 degrees and there will be a noticeable temperature drop.

I have exactly the same issue …

Temps are a joke at minimal load…
Screenshot 2024-07-19 at 21.02.15

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