ZVM New Features Plan

:tada: ZVM New Features Plan

Dear ZimaOS Partner,

The ZimaOS Team is about to start developing new features for ZVM after fixing some critical bugs. Since its release, we have received valuable feedback, especially from the ZimaOS-Partner group. Your enthusiasm for new features has been incredibly inspiring, and we’ve identified several key areas for improvement:

  1. Easier access to and installation of various types of images

  2. Improved usability of detailed features

:rocket: Upgrades in the next major release of ZVM

Unprecedented ease of installing images

  • Pre-installing commonly used system images in ZimaOS, with automatic downloads for any required images

  • Support for importing custom image

Enhanced usability of detailed features in ZVM

  • Ensuring smooth operation for systems like Windows 11 and Home Assistant OS

:wrench: Additionally, the dashboard will automatically integrate the virtual machine entrance, support user-defined deletion and sorting, and simplify the access process.

Feature Demo

:mega:Call for your comments

This is an unreleased version and as for the current features, we’re always striving to enhance them. If there’s anything specific you’d like us to improve or any new features you’d like to see, please feel free to share your thoughts! Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of ZVM.

These features just blew my mind.
They are awesome.
Can we add our own OS image sources?

Sure! :grinning:

This does look useful.

Currently, I can’t even get ZVM to work. After booting up, it seems to crash the Cube. Or at least all the storage disappears, while the Dashboard/ZVM/Files interface remain somewhatt operational.

I have encountered this phenomenon before. Have you tried reducing the memory used by ZVM? Maybe you can briefly describe what image you installed, and we will also try to reproduce the “virtual machine crashes the cube” problem.