【AWARDING TIME!】Design 3D Printed Supports for Zima Hardware

【Win Your ZimaBlade and ZimaBoard!】Design 3D Printed Supports for Zima Hardware

:bulb: Calling all creative designers who are passionate about 3D printing! Join our exciting campaign and showcase your skills by designing innovative and functional supports for ZimaBlade and ZimaBoard!

:straight_ruler: Campaign Details

Campaign Platform: IceWhale Forum
Participation Requirement: Any Type of Support, Be it a Cluster, NAS, Fan, or Beyond!
Participation Method: Share your design by posting the link or screenshot in the comments section.

:straight_ruler: Reward

Participants will be ranked based on the number of likes received

  • :1st_place_medal: First Prize: ZimaBoard 832

  • :2nd_place_medal:Second Prize: ZimaBlade 7700

  • :medal_sports:All other participants: $30 coupon for Zima Shop

Additionally, all participants will receive an exclusive limited-edition forum badge for their participation.

  • :pencil2: As for voters, each person will receive a $5 coupon (valid for one year)


:straight_ruler: The campaign consists of two phases

:one: Design Collection (3.1-3.20)

Submit your design drafts during this phase.

:two: Evaluation (3.21-3.31)

Designs will be reviewed and winners will be selected.

:straight_ruler: Reference

We provide the following reference materials:

  • ZimaBoard 3D files
  • ZimaBlade 3D files
  • 2 Bay HDD Rack Tray for ZimaBlade 3D files

:point_right:Resource Link

Don’t miss this chance to showcase your design talent, earn exciting rewards, and be a part of our growing community! Join the campaign today and let your creativity shine.


Just because i have a lot of models i thought i would share here to encourage others to get on the modeling train! :slight_smile:





That is my case for the Zimablade.

You need:

  • 4x M3x5mm to hold the SSD’s
  • 4x M2.5x12mm hold the top part
  • 4 M2.5 brass inserts at the bottom part
  • 1x 60x60x10mm USB fan (with mount screws).

The top part (ZimaBlade_Case_top_v1.1_all_models) is common for both models.

Choose between:

  • Without the active cooling: ZimaBlade_Case_Bottom_v1.1
  • With the mount for active cooling: ZimaBlade_Case_Bottom_v1.1_60x60x10_fan

I ordered this fan here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0821YC2NW/ will update the pictures and part list when it arrived.

Download files to print here: Printables


Here is my design: it is a tray for the Zima board / blade with a hole at the top to easily evacuate heat.


Thank you


Zimaboard Modular Storage Enclosure

This is my submission, my goal was being able to install SSD or HDD to the Zimaboard while keeping all the cables hidden,

You can install a 1-SSD, 2-SSD, 1HDD, 2-HDD or a mix of SSD + HDD

Link for Files: Printables


Single-piece print without any assembly required. Download available at Printables.

Snug fit stand/cradle for the ZimaBlade with to add heatsinks or a fan. Includes an additional slot to place an SSD.


Just adding another model here for people to use / modify if they want :slight_smile: Printables


Here’s my design for a 3-node cluster, accommodating low-profile PCIe cards and up to 9 HDDs/SSDs. I haven’t had a chance to print it yet, as I’m currently attending courses. The design includes holes for cable ties, optimized for angled SATA cables, and features rounded edges to safeguard power and network cables. It provides space for a 120mm fan (note: edges need to be cut) and includes areas for cable management and a 12V to 5V converter for the SSDs above the fan. To reduce frustration during cable installation, the design is split into two parts that stack on top of each other.

sadly I could just post 1 rendering


A mount with a VESA 100mm sized holes to housing to allow the ZimaBlade to be placed on the back of a monitor, for user as media player, or a cheap digital signage unit. The moulded cable management should be to the bottom and while a PCI card can be used as the top is open that s not a normal configuration when used on the back of a PC. there is also no support or securing brackets for a PCIe card.

Cables should be routed out of the back and downwards placing them in the mouldings and then securing the cable into the moulded channel with a bolt or cable tie to keep them in place…

Depending on what the monitor / signage capabilities and what the display can output power wise the setup maybe only need a USB C cable to be useable.

First three images are presented more or less as is out of the printer, the back needs a little smoothing / sanding to tidy up the raft I put it on for printing. however that side will be to the monitor so not visible in use…

See Printables

Back without the blade in and with a light sanding to smooth it slightly.


case to fit one or two 3.5" drives. link to where i uploaded files: Printables


Hi guys,

Some very nice models have already been posted. I’m a bit late to the party but hopefully still within time.

Here is my design:
Zimaboard/Zimablade 2 Bay HDD Stand Add-ons (printables)

Extend the functionality and capacity of your 2 bay HDD stand with these add-ons designed to fit onto either side of the stand.

  • Expand storage capacity beyond 2 HDDs.
  • Add more Zimablades(/Zimaboards) to your rack.
  • Opt for vertical PCIe extension by mounting Zimablades(/Zimaboards) on the side.

Customize your setup with various add-ons to suit your requirements.

Current Set Includes:

  • HDD mount with bottom screw mount for secure attachment.
  • Zimablade side mount.

More upcoming add-ons such as ZimaBoard, SSD mount, PCIe mounts, and more if there will be interest.

The add-ons are designed to be mounted onto the HDD screw holes, allowing them to sit flush with the ground, thereby avoiding any pressure on the HDD screw mounts.
For mounting onto HDDs, longer (7mm - 8mm) M3 screws are required.
Alternatively, if HDDs are not installed, the add-ons can be directly mounted onto the stand

Please note that these products are based on 3D files provided by IceWhale and have not been tested with the equipment yet.

If you like the idea and wish to see the range of add-ons expanded, please like it.


:fire: Voting time is here!

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:heart: Thank you to all participants for your involvement! @zangaby @hsavior @fjordservers @heroeant @PTS @Gjchester @waleri @ofcguy404 @jerryk And special thanks to @Sabitech for sharing his design models.

We have a total of 9 3D design entries for this event.

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Participants will be ranked based on the number of likes received

  • :1st_place_medal: First Prize: ZimaBoard 832
  • :2nd_place_medal:Second Prize: ZimaBlade 7700
  • :medal_sports:All other participants: $30 coupon for Zima Shop

Additionally, all participants will receive an exclusive limited-edition forum badge for their participation.

  • :pencil2: As for voters, each person will receive a $5 coupon (valid for one year)

:bangbang::alarm_clock: Closing: 31st March 20:00 (GMT)


The delta structure of this cluster is just too cool.

Great to see models being designed here!
Looking forward to seeing more after the competition ends!

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A few more renderings here, Printfiles will come as soon as I am able to print it and verify that everything works as intended.