CasaOS and NextCloud

Hi, I have a problem with creating/opening/editing documents in the File folder in the NextCloud hosted on CasaOS. Clicking the plus button and attempting to create a new document produces a spinning wheel. The same thing happens when I try to open one of the documents in that folder. Online search showed that other users had this problem before but there was no a solution mentioned. Are there any solutions to this? Thank you,Z.

There is a logs section in the Nextcloud Admin dashboard,
can you check there if there are e.g any Permission issues listed, its usually rather verbose with what it spits out.

Collabora Server Built-In CODE is the cause of the problem. Installing Community Document Server did not help. After reading on the topic, I deleted the Collabora Server and NextCloud Office altogether. Office files that are saved in the NextCloud can be opened with ONLYOffice locally.

Oh ok.
In that case, did you use an AIO install of nextcloud or some other stack?

I tried both AIO and manual MySQL database and NextCloud installation. In both cases the problem arises as soon as Collabora is installed. Whoever created the Nextclud Hub should be aware of this.

It certainly sounds like a deployment process issue, hopefully it will get sorted out upstream.