CasaOS v0.4.6 Available!

CasaOS v0.4.6 Available!

This release addresses several known issues, ensuring a more stable and reliable performance.

CasaOS V0.4.6 supports one-click updates in settings or via command line.

Command line installation script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash
Command line update script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash

Update Log:

  • Resolved display errors with the tips icon. issue#1623

  • Fixed the alignment issue of text in the app store list. issue#1635

  • Fixed the merge functionality not working after reboot.

  • Addressed the missing three-way store source after the update.

  • Added support for Greek and Russian languages. issue#1616 issue#1617

  • User’s avatar is now displayed on the login screen. issue#1637

  • Expanded file type support for the text editor, allowing for more file types to be opened and edited. issue#1575

:heart: Thank you for your support all the time and we highly welcome your feedback! CasaOS Feedback