šŸ«¶ Community Mod's ZimaCube N100 Unboxing &Tests | Launch of 怐Made With IceWhale Community怑

Community Modā€™s ZimaCube N100 Unboxing &Tests | Launch of怐Made With IceWhale Community怑

As we celebrate the successful completion of the ZimaCube crowdfunding campaign, we embark on the journey of turning our product from a dream into reality.

The launch of this ZimaCube wouldnā€™t have been possible without the support of our incredible community, and we invited 2 community MODs to experience our product firsthand.

:fire: ZimaCube Community Moderator Unboxing: Discover the Excitement!

:fire: Sabiā€™s Real-Life Noise Experience at Home with ZimaCube

:fire: Grandilā€™s ZimaOS Test: RAID 0/5

:heart_hands:We believe in the power of community collaboration, and we are grateful to have such dedicated individuals on board. Seizing this opportunity, we launchdh this new column -

Made With IceWhale Community

which serves as a platform to showcase and highlight the incredible contributions made by our users.

In this special column, we aim to celebrate the power of collaboration between our users and our team. We believe that the true magic happens when we come together, share ideas, and co-create innovative solutions. This column will showcase inspiring stories, highlight user contributions, and delve into the remarkable outcomes of our collaborative efforts.

Discord: IceWhale

Forum: https://icewhale.community/