【Concluded】Hackathon Event: Decentralize It! Win ZimaBoard 832 & $5200 USD

#:raised_hands: Decentralize It! :raised_hands: Win ZimaBoard 832 & $5200 USD

Hacker Marathon 2023 【AUG 1ST - OCT 8TH】


Join us to explore the integration of personal servers and decentralization in four exciting directions: local smart homes, decentralized network systems, decentralized file management, and distributed GPU computing nodes.

Participants will develop innovative solutions prioritizing user control, data privacy, and enhanced security. Collaboration, cutting-edge technologies, and ongoing support will drive progress and real-world viability.

Be part of “Decentralize It!” and shape the future of technology in an extended hackathon experience. Together, let’s revolutionize decentralization!

You have the option to use ZimaBoard hardware and CasaOS open-source software for your project, but it is not required. Feel free to explore other hardware and software options based on your preferences and expertise.

By participating in this hackathon event, you implicitly agree to allow the host and co-host to promote your project during and after the event.

Event Details

1. Proposed Competition Themes

:house: Local Smart Homes

Creating a decentralized service for intelligent home automation systems.

:spider_web: Decentralized Network Systems

Developing VPN and search engine solutions based on decentralized principles.

:open_file_folder: Decentralized File Management Systems

Building a reliable and secure decentralized platform for file management.

:globe_with_meridians: Distributed GPU Computing Nodes

Implementing atributed platform for sharing GPU computing power.

Important Notes:

  • Participants are encouraged to incorporate the concepts of personal servers and decentralization into their creative applications to enhance data privacy, security, and user control.
  • Participants may leverage blockchain technology, peer-to-peer networks, or other relevant technologies to achieve decentralization.
  • User-friendliness, performance, and scalability should be considered to ensure the feasibility of the solutions in practical applications.
  • Collaboration and innovative thinking are encouraged. Participants can utilize open-source technologies and existing platforms to implement their creative applications.

2. Judging Criteria

:bulb: Innovation

Does the project showcase fresh ideas and a unique perspective?

Does the project demonstrate innovation in its technical implementation?

:hammer_and_wrench: Technical

Does the project fully utilize the features of ZimaBoard hardware and CasaOS software? (Bonus Points, not required)

Is the technical implementation of the project stable and reliable?

:gear: Practicality

Does the project hold value or have the potential for practical applications?

Does the project effectively solve real-world problems?

:white_check_mark: Completeness

Does the project deliver a complete function or system?

Does the project offer a satisfying user experience?

:notebook: Showcase

Is the presentation of the project clear and persuasive?

Does the project provide sufficient documentation and descriptions?


Host: Bewater & Icewhale

Extension of Hackathon to 8th Oct, 2023

:heart_eyes: Congratulations to the three winners!

:1st_place_medal: mergerfs by Datahoard @trapexit

:1st_place_medal: Monte-Carlo.ai by The Cybros team @jasl

:3rd_place_medal: Minimus Homelab by Sabitech Designs @Sabitech


Well deserved 1st and 2nd.
Looking forward to seeing the next one!

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