[HELP] ZimaOS - External Drives & Terminal + Feedback

                                  Complete n00b here

Need Help with ZimaOS Beta Latest,

I recently tried this OSproject on my MiniPC, and was able to succesfully install and setup ZimaOS,

However, I am unable to Mount my External Drive :slightly_frowning_face:

  • On 1.1 Beta - External drive shows up on HomePage and Storage Page
    BUT unable to properly mount it with write permission. (Files app is unable to edit or delete files on usb)
  • On 1.2 Beta - Same issue as listed above, Plus Storage drive doesn’t show up on Storage Page

External Drive attached but wont show up in Files, nor Storage Manager

QUERY @icewhale :

1. Is this issue with External Drives by design? I tried to meddle with user permissions via cli, root and such with no success,

2. Will this OS have proper support for external drives in future? Especially for General users

3. Is secure boot - disabled necessary for 1.2 Beta and up?

4. Will terminal be available on UI soon?

Impressions : (strictly my opinion) :

  • Really excited to see CasaOS team is working on this awesome product, I absolutely loved the UI improvements, especially native Files app

  • Desktop Client and its integration was really smart and well implemented, with the remote access via vpn and Backup Manager

  • Although I haven’t tried Virtual Machines feature, it looks very promising, (also does this require us to enable Virtualization via BIOS?)

  • I really really hope ZimaOS will be available for all public in future (outside Zima ecosystem) :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

                                 god bless & god speed

Thank you for your interest in ZimaOS. External Drive supports reading and writing by design, but does not support RAID. Regarding the problem of being unable to read and write, engineers will take a look at it later.
The terminal function and the security function you mentioned will be added in subsequent versions. Currently, we plan to have limited support for External Drive. If you really want External Drive to form a RAID, please tell me. @GROWNUPS