How login in the CasaOS terminal

Hello everybody !

When you install CasaOS on a computer and in the WebUI you go on “Log and terminal” on the top left, which are the credentials and the correct port to insert in order to login ?

If you have not changed the password of the user “casaos” the credentials are: user “casaos” password “casaos” the port is 22 (ssh). If instead you want to access from the LAN to the Zimablade "ssh casaos@<P_LAN_zimablade> the password as before.

Thank you but it didn’t work :bowing_man: :man_shrugging:

I created an “admin” profile in order to use CasaOS, I tried inserting casaos on both and port 22 and I tried the actual login and password for the admin profile still on port 22. Nothing.

I have no Zimablade at the moment.

Just installed CasaOS in the laptop

Yes, I also log in via webui with admin user credentials. Instead to log in via ssh or open the terminal from the casaos home screen I use “casaos” as the user and password. I don’t think there is any difference if casaos is installed on the zimablade or on a pc. Even for me using admin credentials both via ssh and terminal in the gui gives me error

Finally I did it. After attempts.

Installed openssh-server and setup the password

Inside of Terminal and log in the CasaOS web UI, just put the username without 192.168… and the password set up before.