How to install CasaOS on a PVE cluster?

Installing CasaOS in a Proxmox VE (PVE) cluster usually involves deploying CasaOS within a virtual machine (VM) or container (LXC). As CasaOS is a lightweight home cloud operating system, it can run as a Docker container, which provides convenience for installation in a PVE environment. Below are the general steps for installing CasaOS in a PVE cluster.

Hardware environment:

Preparation work

Make sure your PVE cluster is properly set up and that you have sufficient permissions to create virtual machines or containers.

Install using a virtual machine

  1. Create a virtual machine: Create a new virtual machine in the web interface of PVE.

Choose the appropriate operating system mirroring for installation, CasaOS can run on multiple Linux publishers, choose Linux.

  1. Start the virtual machine, install the operating system: Install the operating system according to the standard installation process for the selected Linux publish.

Start installing CasaOS

Restart after installation is complete

Log in to CasaOS

Now you can use the CasaOS home cloud operating system under the PVE cluster! You can explore and use the various functions of CasaOS according to your needs.


  1. During the installation process, it is recommended to allocate sufficient hardware resources for the CasaOS virtual machine, especially storage space, to meet possible future expansion needs.

  2. In the production environment, make sure critical data is backed up.